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Dr. Marla is an international TV minister, evangelist, and author! She is a specialist teacher on females in the Bible relating their trials and triumphs to women's lives. She says, "The women in the Bible have become like my personal friends. I see their personalities, understand their tribulations, and celebrate their victories!" Her messages empower, uplift, and ignite listeners to embrace God's Word that empowers: "Nothing is impossible with God! He can change any situation!" She couples her own experiences with stories within the Bible explaining how the key is to "trust in God with all your heart!" She encourages: "Nothing in this world compares to Jesus! He is for you not against you, and He died to set you free!"

God is omnipotent--all powerful!

God is omnipresent--present everywhere! 

God is omniscient--all knowing! 

Dr. Marla says: "With God it is always possible for a breakthrough! What the enemy does for bad, God will turn to good; He will lead you from despair to peace and joy in Him!"

Dr. Marla's nondenominational Christian TV program is potentially reaching 120 million households internationally with a message of hope and truth!

{To God be all the glory!}

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"Marla is like David- a woman after God’s own heart!"

- Shirley

"Dr. Marla is so kind and inspirational! I love going to events and hearing her speak. And her marriage booklet is fantastic!"

- Google Review User

"So glad I worked with Dr. Marla. She is such a great inspiration and she knows so much about God!"

- Mary Ann