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I personally have lived out Matthew 19:26, which is why this special verse is my motto. I have experienced many “impossibilities” in my life, but God has turned each of these around. To name a few, I was conceived in an unplanned pregnancy, orphaned at birth, and after being in foster care, I was adopted at three months old. I’ve experienced supernatural healing from a brain tumor, and I’ve escaped a deadly mamba snake during a revival in Zimbabwe, Africa, where 389 people surrendered their lives to the Lord. God has guided me through each of these situations, showing me that nothing really is impossible with Him.


Throughout my life, I’ve held many titles: Mother, Wife, Elementary School Teacher and Director of Women’s Ministry. However, my favorite title will always be “follower of Christ.” I strive to deliver a message of hope that empowers viewers to believe all things are possible with God. I want to lead others to draw closer to God, experience turnarounds and overcome challenges.


In the past years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work closely with many ministries and organizations, including Sheila Walsh, Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, Jason Crabb and others. When I’ve spoken at events and conferences, I have seen and heard about God working miraculously to help people. All glory to God!


At Dr. Marla Ministries, I am excited about the next steps God is leading me to — a TV program and a published book. Both of these new experiences work hand-in-hand as a way to help people draw closer to God, experience turnarounds, and overcome challenges. You can view my TV program on the GEB network, which reaches 38 million households.


I am committed to fulfill the calling on my life — to take God’s word around the world! It is an honor to work to fulfill the Great Commission. I believe the best is yet to come! 


Because He makes all things possible,


-Dr. Marla

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