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Meet Dr. Marla

International TV Minister, Expert Teacher on Biblical Females, Conference Speaker & Author

Dr. Marla is a leading Women's Bible Communicator, Expert teacher explaining the trials and triumphs on the females in the Bible, International TV Minister, Conference Speaker, and Author. She says, "What the enemy does for bad, God can and will turn to good when you trust in Him with all your heart! He will undergird, equip, and propel you forward to thrive and prevail! Nothing is impossible with God!" 

What sets Dr. Marla apart from others in ministry is that she combines experience with expertise! In her words, “I glean from many real-life experiences that seemed impossible to turn around, and yet, God turned them all around. This includes being conceived in an unplanned pregnancy, orphaned at birth, and after being in foster care for the first three months of my life, I was then adopted into a loving family and grew up with siblings from diverse ethnic backgrounds.” She teaches internationally on direct Television, at conferences, universities, chapels, churches, conventions, and various other meetings. 


In 2005, God led Dr. Marla to help build a church and preach in a revival in Zimbabwe, Africa, where 389 people surrendered their lives to the Lord. She has also experienced God’s healing touch when He supernaturally healed her from a brain tumor. Since God has guided her successfully through each of these situations, and so many more, she often shares that nothing is impossible with Him.

Dr. Marla provides an intelligent, in-depth, and educated understanding of God’s word since she has studied God’s word intensely in two different seminaries, completing both a master’s degree, MATS, and a doctoral degree, DMin, with an emphasis in theology. She also studied abroad in Israel and completed graduate work from Israel’s Jerusalem University College. She is also very careful to acknowledge that God led and guided her through to accomplish all these achievements, giving all the glory and honor to Him!

What’s an interesting fact about Dr. Marla Ministries that most people don’t know is that her husband, Dr. Ray Woodmansee, helped co-found Dr. Marla Ministries, and works diligently behind the scenes guiding, leading, and directing much of the business of the ministry. Dr. Ray also works full-time on the frontlines as an emergency room physician at Branson Cox Hospital. They have four children: two teens and two adults.

Dr. Marla has worked closely with other ministries from various Christian denominations and backgrounds, including Sheila Walsh, Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, Jason Crabb, and others. 

Dr. Marla Ministries exists to inspire, empower, and motivate everyone to trust in God with all their heart! Her motto: “With God, all things are possible!” (Matthew 19:26) Dr. Marla says, “Seek God! He is your hope! His omnipotent power, coupled with His unmerited grace, mercy, and never-ending unconditional love, can help anyone at anytime overcome their struggles, challenges, or dire situations! God desires and delights in being involved in every part of your life! Would you let Him in?” 


Dr. Marla Ministries is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization that is dedicated to communicating God’s Word around the world!

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