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Experience Israel This September With Dr. Marla

Join Dr. Marla to explore the Holy Land, a region steeped in history, diversity and local traditions. Visit the lands of the Bible, where faith and history meet. Explore the cradle of Christianity both physically and spiritually through visits to various biblical landscapes and sites on this journey. 


You'll visit some of the most revered and historically important archaeological and religious sites including, Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Wailing Wall, Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea, and Megiddo. Participate in a service and baptism with Dr. Marla on the shores of the River Jordan. Bake traditional malateet cookies (Palestinian vegan anise) with Ghada Boulos in her delightful café & handicraft shop in Nazareth Market.


Journey on this most spiritual of all journeys and follow in the footsteps of Jesus absorbing the past and present day of the Holy Land. Ladies, you will not want to miss going to see Magdala, the place where Mary Magdalene lived and conducted a successful business!

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